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We always wish our children to grow up healthily

but we tend to neglect their gut health…

Gut is one of the largest detoxification organs in human body, other than responsible for 70% of immunity, it also responsible for 99% of the nutrients absorption. Therefore, unhealthy gut will indeed affect children's current and future health!


There are a group of microorganism regarded as gut microbiome living in human gut,

in which it includes beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, and everyone has a unique gut microbiome. Infants' guts are basically sterile before delivered, hence, changes dramatically during childhood. The risk of undeveloped gut microbiome will be higher if your child was delivered through caesarean section, consume formula milk, taking antibiotic, having an imbalanced diet or has genetic inheritance. When harmful bacteria overgrowth in gut, it will cause chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, weak absorption and low immunity.

Therefore, Wellous has formulated probiotic dedicated for children, a safe and convenient solution to enhance the development of gut microbiome during childhood!

Direction of use:

1 sachet daily before meal, consume directly or mix with small amount of cool/room temperature water.

👉KidAone MICROBIOME is a probiotic product specially formulated for children.

👉It is the first 3-in-1 child probiotic, which contains probiotics, prebiotics and epibiotics, and has a synergistic effect on children's intestinal health.

👉This is a high-strength probiotic supplement containing 10 billion CFU per bag, which contains 3 clinically verified probiotic strains. Extensive strain-specific clinical trials have been carried out in young children: -Bifidobacterium breve M-16V , Bifidobacterium longum BB536 & Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.

👉taste: MICROBIOME is an individually packaged powder product that contains blackcurrant, strawberry and grape juice, and is a mixed juice flavor.

✨KidAone™️ Microbiome includes✨
✅ 3 world-class branded probiotic strains] highly beneficial to gut health
✅ 3 types of prebiotics] which ensure constant growth of probiotics in the gut
✅ Gut lining enhancer, [postbiotics fermented from 36 fruits & vegetables]

8 Benefits of KidAone™️ Microbiome
🔥 Restore the balance of gut microbiota
🔥 Reduce harmful bacteria
🔥 Improve intestinal and digestive health
🔥 Relieve constipation or diarrhea
🔥 Alleviate abdominal discomfort
🔥 Improve nutrient absorption
🔥 Improve eczema and skin allergies
🔥 Enhance immunity and overall health

👉Expiry date: 2 years or above
👉 1 box = 30 Sachets
👉Take one packet a day
👉Take 30 minutes before meals
👉Children over 2 years old can take it
👉MICROBIOME does not contain artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives and refined sugars. The taste of MICROBIOME comes from natural fruit powder.
👉Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

👉 How to take:
You can pour the powder directly into your mouth or mix it with a small amount of water. Mix with cold water or room temperature water to ensure that the probiotics are retained.
You can mix MICROBIOME with milk, yogurt, juice or other beverages for children to take.
❌It is not recommended to mix MICROBIOME with hot drinks or soups.
❌When taking MICROBIOME and drugs, separate at least two hours to avoid drug conflicts.

Can children who are allergic to milk take MICROBIOME?

Yes, MICROBIOME does not contain milk allergens, it will not trigger children's allergic reactions to milk.

Can children take more than one sachet?
Yes, children with acute diarrhea or abdominal discomfort can take 2 sachets of MICROBIOME in one day.
❌It is not recommended to allow children under 2 years old to take products containing multiple ingredients, because it will be difficult to determine the type of food the child is allergic to.

Can children with eczema take MICROBIOME?
Yes, it can relieve the symptom.


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